Hello! We are Daria and Tea.

                                     We are writing for you and ourselves about                                        non-taboo parenting and orange pedagogy!

The collaboration emerged in 2017 since our common interests in reflections, writing, presenting, educating and striving forward started!

Our worldviews are very similar, but yet authentic.

We are here for you, without taboos and without hesitation!

Who is Tea?


By profession I am a pedagogue of early and preschool childhood education with five years of experience. In my private life I am also a mother. My area of interest is also helping children learn (with mental maps) and professional lectures for adults.

By profession, I am an educator of preschool children with nine years of experience. I am also an NLP practitioner and life coach.

This is a topic that I believe will have a lot of different views. This is mine, based on the theory and experience I have working with children and parents.

Like moms, dads participate in the upbringing depending on their specifics (background, worldview, their own upbringing, life habits, relationship with a partner, obligations, character ...).

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